1205 Pink PettiCoat

1205 Pink PettiCoat


Hearts & Roses brand-new petticoats are the Number 1 Pinup Priority!    Crafted out of a soft, silky poly fabric, our tea-length petticoats have a nice elastic waistband, fitting most women.  Hearts & Roses petticoats add a high volume to our dresses and skirts, helping you achieve that perfect ‘50's look.  Our three-layer petticoats are sturdy yet comfortable, and give our swing dresses and circle skirts an attractive bell shape.  The fabric itself is strong and firm, yet soft to the touch, adding the comfort of modernity to a vintage wardrobe staple.



Contents: 100% Polyester

Style 1205

Small Waist Size is 26 Inches

Medium Waist Size is 28 Inches

Large Waist Size is 30 Inches

Length: 22 Inches from waist to hem

US Size:
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